Saturday, May 23, 2015

Jolie Polish, stamping polish review

Hey everyone! Today I have something special to show from Jolie Polish. The owner recently released a set of 8 stamping polishes and I was so eager to try them, that I snagged them up as soon as I could. This collection is available in both mini and full size, a size for everyone.

These 5-free polishes are actually a bit more like your regular nail polish, and not some of the specialized stamping polishes.  They're not weirdly smelly, but they're also not very thick (dare I say, they're even a bit thin).  They dry pretty quick, and fine lines can be a challenge because of this. They have a bit of a metallic appearance in the bottle, but that sort of disappears when stamped.  Today, I'll show you each polish over white paper and over my black GP Stamper head (review hopefully coming soon!). You can find Jolie Polish on Etsy at  This set goes in and out of stock, so keep checking back regularly.  Let's get started!

Brick Red Cushion Flower

Turquoise Blue Flower

Banana Leaf Green

Dahlia Orange

Blue Lagoon

Baby Hulk Green

Purpleberry Flower

Yellow Flower

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