Saturday, February 22, 2014

Memebox - the 5th global edition

Well, I'm back with my most recent Memebox.  I'm sorry it's a bit late; I missed the post man and of course, it's like an epic journey to get to my PO so it took a few days.  But it's here, and it's showing off.

I first want to say that there has been some disappointment surrounding this box.  There are foil packets in here, which honestly I don't expect for a box this price.  I am still really satisfied with the rest of the products, but I think I'd rather a small sample that I can use three or four times to replace the foils.  Now onto the contents.

A body lotion.  This is a sample size but it is quite generous. Something about the packaging of it reminds me of Cetaphil (drugstore) but the cap is rubberized which seems a little higher end.  Smells amazing. I would buy this again if I didn't already have a butt load of moisturizers.

I'm not really sure if this is a moisturizer or not, but either way it is something I need.  I've got big pores, I hope this works.  This is a full sized product.

Another generous sized sample, this is a gel cleanser.

Another sample, this is a roll on aromatherapy product to be placed on temples and pulse points.  Why it's called Tasteless is a mystery.  This has a strong licorice scent but when I tried it, the patchouli came out the most and I'm not a fan of patchouli.  I will try it again though.

Lipozone samples for cellulite areas.  Package says 5 vials but it came with seven.

A face soap bar.  Teeny size but certainly large enough to give a shot.

Supposed to be a sample size but it is huge.  Has good coverage but I'm not a fan of the color on me.  It' a little too light.  It's just a touch lighter than my natural lips.

Foil samples.

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