Saturday, September 28, 2013

Zoya - Carter

It may not feel like fall...but it looks like fall landed on mah nails!

Zoya Carter is easily a stand out textured.  It's a deep purple with a brighter purple shimmer.

It's really pretty.  This first applies pretty sheer, but looks fine at two coats, which is where I left it.

It's not as blue as it appears. My camera really doesn't play well with purples.  First couple of pics are pretty color accurate.

Then, I decided to top coat it.

Here is two coats of China Glaze's Fairy Dust plus a coat of Essie Good to Go.  It ended up nice and smooth with that combo, and hot damn!  It's a fantastic mix.  Pictures can't do this one justice.  It really takes it up a notch, if that's even possible.

Up next, a haul to show.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

OPI - Alcatraz...Rocks

My very first OPI.  I'm eyeing another from this collection, but I'm going to hold off on getting that one for a little bit.  Esp after my online haul I did today....oops.

Anyway, I could not resist this one.  I'm in love with textures, I feel like for the most part, they're diverse and often very beautiful.  This one is a gorgeous deep shade of purple (think eggplant) with a lot of various color shimmers.  Purple, blue, copper, it's a real stunner.

This has the tendency to look blue in my camera, so I tried to get the most color accurate shots I could but the bottle shot above is probably the most accurate.

What do you think of these macros?!!!!

Two coats, only problem with it is it dries slow.  Since I've never tried OPI before, I can't say if this is unique to this color, or if it's our chemistry together.  I was mildly frustrated and I even tried my new drying drops I got from Essence.

I decided to top coat it at the last minute.  Gah, gorgeous.  It turned it blacker looking in darker settings but in brighter lighting, it still stays true to color.

In other news, I'm trying Duri Rejuvacote.  Just my second day on it so no comment, but I am really hoping it helps strengthen them.  Getting tired of these breaks all the time.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Toppings

Pretty much the moment I opened the package, I had ideas for Heart Breaker.  I had to whip out a deep blue and try it out.

This is China Glaze's Man Hunt.  It's from a collection last year, On Safari.  It's a great mid deep blue.  Almost a one coater, but it could not pass if I stopped there.  Great formula imo.

Heart Breaker turns this into a greenish hue, although in some settings the blue pulls more and it's hard to see any green.  The shimmers are gorgeous and add an amazing depth to an already beautiful color.  This version of Heart Breaker is becoming rarer so if I were you and in need of this, I'd try to find it while you still can.  All the ones at my new Walmart looked like this in the bottle, but I'm sure they're the new version since the Walmart is new.  Sorry about my wonky nail.  I'm having so much trouble growing it out and it chipped weirdly yesterday at the corner.

I'm thinking I might bust out another color before dinner, so I may have another up this week.  I really should have done more with the blog this week since this is the last chance I'll have for a couple of weeks, but such is life.  Here's to hoping.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


I've got another haul to post.

First up, another Zoya order.

Got all of the new fall Pixie Dusts except Tomoko during their BOGO.  I've already worn Dhara but it looks like I have no photos of it.  I'm itching to try Carter, but it's going to have to wait a week or so.  Chyna is still backordered for me.  I ordered on the 21st.  Ugh.


Man, my photo is OFF.  That white is a green!  Song of Summer and Leather Loose.

TJ Maxx:

I got these for $2 a piece, and I could not pass that up.  Also got an Orly cuticle oil with a dropper but it's at work.  It smells great.

Drugstore and Blog sale:

Got the Sinful for a dollar this week, it's You Just Wait.  The rest were from a blog sale.  I love those, and look, Heartbreaker!

That's it.  Will return shortly.