Tuesday, June 30, 2015

ILNP Summer 2015 - My Picks

I'm back! I just returned from a long trip and luckily, my swatching hand survived (though I have a split nail), and I also came home to find my package in the mailbox from ILNP! It was a hard decision but I only picked up seven this time. I still want quite a few but I'll snag those another day. For now, let's see what we've got.

First up: Summer Crush

I describe this as a hot Barbie pink with a bit of holo flakie bits.  This has a slight coral lean.  It's a stunner polish and is a great summer color.  I used three coats; I might actually do four IRL, but it looks fine at 3.  Formula is very good but dries a bit matte.


This is a berry pink maxed out with flakie holo goodness!  It's amazing.  I wanna meet Paige because she must be one great chick to get a polish this pretty named after her.  This has a jelly finish and I needed three coats to get very good coverage (and I even probably would have wanted a fourth).  Formula is easy though and dries pretty quickly.  I think it needs a top coat to make it look perfectly smooth.

Super Juiced:

This is a blurple with a good amount of firey red copper shimmers (or flakies?).  This has a thin formula and goes on a bit jelly.  It's also a tad runny but only ever so slightly.  I'd still call the formula good.  This dries to a matte finish.  Also, preliminary wear suggests it's not a stainer!  Yay!  I did a bit of fudging with camera settings on one of the photos; this one turns too blue on me in my camera.


This is the mother of all flakies, combining all of the metallic chrome flakies into one bottle.  A very lovely polish.  I did need FIVE coats on it's own and it was still a bit see through; two coats layered over Super Juiced created a good opaque coverage.  I haven't tried sponging it on but that might be an option.  Formula was fine but don't expect it to be opaque quickly.

Mega (X):

The newest edition to the Mega family, this is a blingtastic flakied out holo.  It's really something to behold, even indoors!  Love this.  I used four coats but you could probably get away with three (or layer it).

Harbour Island:

This is a turquoise sea-esque jelly.  This is, IMO, a take on sheer tints; it's very sheer and would be a good layering polish.  I found the formula a bit too runny and thus, my least favorite formula out of the seven, but I still wouldn't call it bad.  At four coats, this gives decent coverage but if held to the light, you'll see straight through it.  It's pretty nonetheless, and I appreciate the unusual take on layering polish.  It's also a non-stainer!  I also fudged a bit with the camera on a picture; this one turns too blue as well.  I wasn't able to capture it's true form.

Float On:

This is a medium denim blue packed with flakie holos.  This color is probably my least favorite of the 7, but it is still quite beautiful.  I used four coats.

Overall, I love the colors and the formulas are all decent to excellent.  My grip is the sheerness of every color; I don't find them hard to work with, but each one requiring at least three coats can be a bit of a bear.  I'd still repurchase them because they're beautiful, but I just wished they contained a bit more pigment.

This is gonna be in for awhile. I decided to hack away at my damaged nail, so back to nubbins!  Thanks for reading.

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