Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I Love Nail Polish - Birenfringence (H)

Hey everyone!  I've got a lovely today.  I had initially planned on having a holo at the ready, but what do you know...it always rains when I wear a holo.  It will have to wait another day, sadly.  But I do have a goody today that I've had for a little while.

If you've never had a the pleasure of having an I Love Nail Polish, you're missing out.  The packaging is divine. The box it comes in is lovely and showcases the bottle with the shape of a heart cut out.  The bottle itself seems like a nice one, with a rubberized handle.  It's just a really great design overall.

This was one of my first orders with I<3NP, and I really liked the idea of getting holo and duochrome in one, thus opting for this version.  However, holo will dull polish colors (I think this is why it's hard to find good red and black linears) so keep that in mind when ordering.  

This has some great color shifts which are pretty easily seen in the bottle shot. Blue, purple and a yellow/green are apparent and the holo is fairly decent, though could just as easily have been topped with a holo top coat to get the same effect.

The formula on this was wonderful.  I wasn't really sure what to expect since I had no base black coat but I only needed two coats and they were easy too.

Please check out Barbra's collection at her website, http://www.ilnp.com/.  She does the multichromes right.

Please note: I am entirely unaffiliated with this company.  I purchased this, and all of my other bottles of ILNP myself because they're too stinking pretty.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sinfuls Colors Trio - Part Duex

I wanted to quickly post more swatches while the sale is still happening.  Here's another trio.

Sinful Shine in Devious.  Jelly formula, opaque in two coats and it is gorgeous.

Sinful Shine in Picante.  This is not as red as Devious.  It actually looks coral.  Formula was meh, it was a bit streaky and hard to cover the streaks so it needed three coats.

Sinful Shine in At Sea.  Not sure why my bottle shot looks so green, it is more of a cross between the bluer looking pictures and the very greenish pic.  Formula was a little streaky but only required two coats.

Now go get you some.

Memebox - the 5th global edition

Well, I'm back with my most recent Memebox.  I'm sorry it's a bit late; I missed the post man and of course, it's like an epic journey to get to my PO so it took a few days.  But it's here, and it's showing off.

I first want to say that there has been some disappointment surrounding this box.  There are foil packets in here, which honestly I don't expect for a box this price.  I am still really satisfied with the rest of the products, but I think I'd rather a small sample that I can use three or four times to replace the foils.  Now onto the contents.

A body lotion.  This is a sample size but it is quite generous. Something about the packaging of it reminds me of Cetaphil (drugstore) but the cap is rubberized which seems a little higher end.  Smells amazing. I would buy this again if I didn't already have a butt load of moisturizers.

I'm not really sure if this is a moisturizer or not, but either way it is something I need.  I've got big pores, I hope this works.  This is a full sized product.

Another generous sized sample, this is a gel cleanser.

Another sample, this is a roll on aromatherapy product to be placed on temples and pulse points.  Why it's called Tasteless is a mystery.  This has a strong licorice scent but when I tried it, the patchouli came out the most and I'm not a fan of patchouli.  I will try it again though.

Lipozone samples for cellulite areas.  Package says 5 vials but it came with seven.

A face soap bar.  Teeny size but certainly large enough to give a shot.

Supposed to be a sample size but it is huge.  Has good coverage but I'm not a fan of the color on me.  It' a little too light.  It's just a touch lighter than my natural lips.

Foil samples.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sinful Colors Trio

In honor of the 99 cent sale on Sinful Colors this week at Walgreen's, I decided to post a few of my picks.  I purchased quite a few this week, so today I'll only be highlighting three colors.

First is Starry Night.

This is a black jelly base with holographic glitters and a few shards as well.  It looks beautiful in swatches but I'm not entirely sure I'll keep it.  Formula wasn't the best but not terrible.  This only needed two coats.  I'm just not feeling the shards.

Next up is Nail Junkie.

Now this is my kind of polish.  Right away, I felt like this is something you might find an indie doing.  This is a teal jelly packed with gorgeous glitters.  You could easily use this as a topper but it does get opaque on its own.  Fair warning: thick as f...Gave me ducky looking nails.  It needs a good thinning but it will help the formula on this a great deal.  This is three very pretty coats.

Finally, a Sinful Shine.  This is my first, but I did end up going back and getting a bunch more.  I believe this line is being revamped and not discontinued, so even though it is disappearing from stores, it should make a return shortly.  The retail price also seems to have lowered from 2.99 to 1.99 so hopefully it will be included in all future sales.

Here is Yours Truly.

This is a medium pink with hidden shimmer.  The shimmer shows itself on the first coat, but seems to disappear after the next.  Formula was ok except that it was so streaky.  The opacity was fine at three coats, but it was still a streaky mess and needed another coat to properly cover.  This is pretty but really nothing that probably isn't dupeable.

Once again, Sinfuls retail for 1.99 in Walgreens (you can also find them elsewhere) but are on sale this week for a whopping 99 cents.  Thanks for viewing.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New to me - FingerPaints

Since FingerPaints is on sale all month long, what does Layla do?

Layla hauls FingerPaints.

I don't know why, but I've never tried FingerPaints before.  They don't shout out at me while I'm busy eyeing the China Glaze and so the poor dears sit there, without a second look from this girl.  But that all changed this weekend.

I picked up a pair of FingerPaints from the regular display and another pair from the reg tag sale (did you know they're also b1g1?!) and I'll be talking about them all soon enough.  Today is all about Go Baroque (I both love and hate this name).

I wasn't sure what was up with this.  I know FingerPaints has textures but I wasn't sure if it was just a glitter or a texture with heavy glitter.  It turns out, it's a glitter.  This is  a heavy gold based fine glitter, with larger rose gold colored glitters.  You can either use it alone or over something else.  It reaches opacity on it's own in three coats which was easy enough.  This was hard to photograph for some reason, maybe because this is real blingy.  You might notice that the photos seem dark; this was the only shots that looked right.  The shine on these was so much that, too much light made it look clear.  Very weird.  This would make a great celebration kind of polish (New Years Eve) and would probably be great as an accent.  I didn't bother to top coat this because it was oddly smooth enough.  I do imagine it would look even better with a thick coat of gelous, but I liked it just fine without.  It's very pretty.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Zoya Naturel Picks

I'm back with my two picks from Zoya's Naturel collection.  I liked a lot of the colors but most didn't "call" to me but I did want to add to my nude and neutral collection so I decided to pick up a couple of colors.  I'd like to apologize in advance for weird lighting.  I try my best, but at this time I do not have a light box and can really only take shots when it's already evening.  I try all kinds of light settings, and just choose what came out the best.

Brigitte is up first.

This is the lighter of the two that I got.  It's somewhere between purple and mauve.  I love this color.  It really goes well with my skintone, I'm so glad I got this.  The formula was not the best, runny but thick, if that makes sense.  It probably needs a good thinning, but it's worth it because this is the perfect pop of color that isn't going to be over the top for work.  I used three coats, I think two in real life would do, but not in bright light settings.

Odette is my other choice.

This is pretty dark.  It's a deep shade of purple, almost bordering on brown.  This is not what I'd call a nude, and I hesitate to wear this to work because it's almost vampy looking.  However, if you have richer skin, then I bet this would look fab.  I love that Zoya did a real range of colors, and not just nudes for the fairest of fair.  Despite it looking dark on me, this is still quite lovely.  This needed three coats, but the formula was better than Brigitte.  Either of these colors would make great bases for toppers.

Both of these polishes look different on the nail than the bottle and appear at least a shade darker.  I don't really mind this, but it was a bit shocking with Odette as it seems so much darker on.

Monday, February 10, 2014

China Glaze - Sea Goddess Collection: Part 2

Yay! Part two! I'm really in love.

First for today: Shell We Dance

I'd describe this as a cruelly based berry pink.  It has a good amount of glitter, though nothing too crazy.  I liked this one right off the bat, the squishy always gets me, even though it didn't end up looking squishy in the end.  Formula was good, and got opaque quickly at two coats.

Next: Tail Me Something

This is a great purple, both shimmery and glittery.  I was surprised at how much I liked this, I was prepared to not get along.  Formula on it was weird; looking in the bottle, I noticed it seemed not full.  When I recieved the package, my mailbox smelled strongly of polish. I thought surely one broke but now I just think the bottles weren't screwed tightly as many of them have seemed to have had evaporation.   I thinned this one midway, even though it didn't give me too much trouble, it was just so thick.  Three coats.

I saved the best for last.

Seahorsin' Around.

I don't say this lightly, so please listen.  Go out right now, and get thee to Sally's and buy this.
I swatched this, and with one drop on my nail, I was saying "oh my god", lol.  I cannot tell you how beautiful this is, and my camera and photos will never be able to do this justice.  This is serious top ten material.  It's unfair to all the other polishes.  It's that beautiful.

It's so shimmery, so bright, a perfect turquoise.  Gorgeous.  My gah.
This one clearly leaked, as a bunch was glued on the threading of the bottle.  Despite that, it was not overly thick and I only needed two glorious coats.  This is one people will end up hoarding backups of.

Whew!  That's it, guys.  I'll be back soon, so stay tuned.