Saturday, September 13, 2014

Random Spam Trio - O.P.I.

Another trio to view, this time O.P.I. I don't own many from this brand, but I own enough that I could select a few from different collections. Let's see what we got.

Live.Love.Carnaval is a pretty true coral. I wouldn't really say this leans one way or another but I had to choose, I'd go with orange. Formula was OK, it looked patchy even though it wasn't so I did three coats (except on the index, which has two). Color looks a bit different on the nail than in the bottle.

Dutch 'Ya Just Love O.P.I. is a gorgeous eggplant purple with golden shimmers. This looks pretty dark and murky in very low light but looks lovely elsewhere. This has a fantastic formula and needed two coats. Gonna be a great fall look.

Finally GoldenEye, a very yellow gold dense flakie. I am in love. This is not like the NYC or Zoya color, because the flakes are very very small and it's dense. I'd liken this more to Amazeballs by Lacquistry, but Amazeballs is not so yellow toned. I will compare them hopefully for you all to see. I don't usually go for stuff this yellow (we clash) but this is going to look good on everybody. I did three coats but I do think the opacity was fine at two. GLAD to have it. Perfect for Christmas and New Year's.

Now that these swatch trios have become a weekly thing, I'm hoping to up my game and do two sets a week (except when I'm doing a collection). Who know, maybe I'll catch up to swatching my entire collection! I'm also planning a Sundae toppings revival. See you soon!

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