Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Color Club Poptastics

Today up for show is the entire collection of Color Club's Poptastic set.  I usually do one color at a time posts, but I'm getting a back log of polishes and just decided why not do all of these in one?

I got this set at Beall's Outlet.  Let me clear this up though for those of you who are from Texas or Louisiana.  This is not the same store as the Beall's you see around town.  I'm from Texas, and when I moved here, I thought they were the same; they're not.  However, if you do live in the land of Palais Royals (which owns all those Beall's in Texas and Louisiana), have no fear because you still probably have access to Beall's (of Florida) stores.  Just look for the name Burke's outlet.  I love these stores, not so much for the clothing they have, but that they have a ton of drugstore cosmetics and it's really cheap.  Alternatively, I've seen these CC sets at TJ Maxx (and they're likely at Marshall's and Ross as well).  I paid $8.99 for the whole she-bang.

First up: Almost Famous.

Almost Famous is a real yellow.  It reminds me a lot of Milani's Yellow Mark, just without the texture. It doesn't really strike me as neon.  The formula is thick and goopy.  It absolutely needs three coats, otherwise it looks patchy and ugly.  However, I bet once I thin it, it will be a lot easier to work with.  With three coats, dry time was pretty good.

Next: Wham! Pow!

What can I say about this?  It's bright...unspeakably bright.  This is like orange highlighter for your nails.  Easy application, two coats was pretty good coverage.  Great pedi color but I'm a little scared of this one.  Apt name.  Dries to a semi matte finish as expected, so use a top coat on this. I also wanted to mention that this made my hands (along with my led lamp) look dead...purple, zombie flesh color.  When I turned the led off, that went away, BUT the led alone has never made my hands look like that before.  Very weird and totally off-putting.

Number 3: The name sake, Poptastic

What a great color.  Very bright, cheery neon pink.  Gorgeous.  Decent formula, used three coats.  Would have stopped at two, but I messed up the pinky nail (touched it before topcoat-oh no!); overall result was that it looked a little better at three, though I don't know if it's worth the extra time.  Again, dries semi-matte so needs a topcoat.  But it's a keeper for sure.

Number 4: Warhol

Notice the bottle difference from what's on the nail

Similar in the bottle to Poptastic, it appears only slightly darker.  This one is actually comes out on the nail looking pretty different, so what you see isn't what you get. It's very neon and it's also really pretty.  Great one coater, but I've used two here for good measure.  Had to use flash to get the camera to pick up a color close to true.

The purple: Pucci licious

This is more like a burple.  My camera had some trouble with Warhol, but this is the one where things started really going downhill.  From here on out, lighting changes will be apparent.  It pulled very blue, and I tried a lot of lighting changes.  Camera just really hated this one.  No top coat here, it stayed fairly shiny, though I would top coat if I were wearing out.  Two coats.

The green: Twiggie

This one looks really different with different lighting settings.  Can look really neon or not at all.

Hard to describe.  Neon pistachio color.  Needed two coats.  Camera liked this one better than Pucci licious but not much more.

Last: Chelsea Girl

Great blue!  Probably my favorite out of all of these.  Neon and jelly.  Goes pretty opaque at two coats, but probably would look a little better at three.  Camera had a lot of trouble with this.  Finally settled on just led light but it pulls slightly more purple than it looks irl.  It's another winner.

Last thoughts.  Fun set, but no names on the bottles!  I hate that about CC sets at the discount chains.  It's a really great bargain.  I'm now realizing what a value those sets are.  It's gonna be real hard to resist these in the future.

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