Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wet n Wild -Disturbia

I bought this.

This one makes me think of Rihanna.  Pretty good song, eh?

Disturbia is a deep, blackened purple.  Kinda looks like eggplants.  It is really really glowy in the bottle.  It doesn't really translate on the nail, though.  It is still quite pretty, very vampy.

Formula wise, it was great.  This was two easy coats.  Minimal cleanup was done.  I have constant problems with the Megalast formula, it never seems to dry.  I do think that happens though after I've been using a bottle for awhile.  This was the first time I've tried this one, it dried fairly quickly.

I'm not a fan of these giant ass brushes.  WnW always has badly cut ones too.  Super jagged makes it hard to place it where you want.  Someone with big nail beds might like these pro wides more than I.

I wish this shimmer came off more on the nails than it does, but it's still quite pretty.  Maybe not quite what you'd expect from the bottle.  It does look very dark.  It does look black unless the light is right on it.

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