Saturday, March 22, 2014

Memebox 7

Another Memebox!  I'm super excited about this one.  I skipped box six (wish I had skipped 5 instead), and won't be getting 8-10 either.  Six was another great one so I'm a little sad I didn't get in on those other three, but at least I got 7.  Let's jump right into it.

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This was another express shipped box, but it came via DHL, which was surprisingly quick.  I'll miss express shipping, especially now that they use DHL.  This box contained 6 items, but they're all really great ones.

Item 1: Miseencene 2X Curl Essence 30 ml (full size, 150 mL, $10)

Leave in treatment for hair, designed to help pump up the volume!  Not too fond of the smell but it's not terrible.  Excited about it, even though I generally don't care for hair products.

Item 2: Leaders Insolution Bio Medi-curing Mask-Aqua Dressing 20 ml x 2 (full size x 2, value $3 each)

Face masks!  I love masks.  These are a great value too if a repurchase is needed.  I might give one a try tonight.

Item 3: Dr. G Bio-RTx Mentor Cream 20 ml (full size: 50 ml, $35)

This is a randomly selected cream of this brand.  The choices you could get were either 3 for oily skin, 5 for dry (which I received) and 7 for acne prone.  I have combo skin so I'll be careful with where I use this.  Packaging is amazing and it smells wonderful.  Really excited about trying it.

Item 4: a:t fox Jasoyup Herb Tea/Black Tea Makeup Designer Kit (full size, $23)

I received the Herb Tea version.  Both come with 3 color eye designer pencils, an eyeliner designer pencil and a lip and cheek designer pencil, as well as nail stickers and a small file.  The packaging is so amazing!  They used holographic print, it's really cute.  I'm not sure of the quality of the makeup, as when I swatched, the pencils did seem...soft.  The lead bent quickly, not broke, they bent.  I'll report back.

Item 5: Recipe by Nature Slowganic Cleanse - Lemon and Green Tea and Adlay 10 g x3
(full size: 100 g, $40)

It's face cleanser in pods!  I have no idea why, but I feel like this is the cutest soap I've ever seen.  I'm really excited to give it a try.  Each one probably lasts more than one cleaning, and the trio comes with a cover so you can cover an open pod so it will not dry out.  Makes it ideal for travel.  Cannot wait to go somewhere now!

Item 6: Catrin Natural 100 Mineral Sun Kill SPF 42 PA++ 12 g (full size, $38)

The color received is Natural Beige, which appears to be pretty light, but I think you just use a light dusting.  As long as you aren't very dark, this will probably work.  Wonderful packaging, though I have heard people spilling powder all over themselves, so be careful when pulling the puff apart from the powder unit.  I think the packaging is actually really smart; the power is completely trapped under the puff so you can take it with you and it won't make a mess the next time you open it.  Also...I love the name.  Sun Kill?!  As a person not fond of the sun (I don't know why, I'm not terribly fair, I usually don't burn, but I'm just sensitive to it), I can totally relate.  Hah.

That's it for this box.  This is my last box for the next few months, unless they release a Lucky box with stuff from 8-10.  I pre ordered the big bundle (I did slap my wrist for that) so I am set for a while.  I hope the few months I don't get a box will be enough time to go through some of the stuff I've acquired.  Probably not, but a girl can hope.

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