Sunday, June 22, 2014

Formula X for Sephora - The Twenty Two

Oh, Sephora...what were you thinking?

Recently, I noticed that the Twenty Two set by Formula X was finally clearanced at Sephora.  I had been wanting this set for the longest because I really wanted to try the brand but I don't really enjoy the price tag.  I debated whether or not to go in store, since I would have to pay shipping, but opted to order online since I wanted to avoid the trip to the mall and I could get a nice deluxe sample.

A mistake.

I was excited to receive it and pulled out each color one by one.  I'm glad I did this rather than dumping the whole shebang out on the bed.  I got to about half way through the first row, when I pulled one out and looked at the bottom to check out the name.  A shard of glass flew off into box.  I actually kind of laughed it off, since they all looked intact miraculously, despite the fact that all 22 bottles are just sort of in there banging against one another.  But, as I went through the rest, nearly every one of them in the second row had a big chip, and some of them were badly chipped, to where a whole layer of glass was breaking off (a couple were taking off the label with them).  Dark Matter looked to be in danger of breaking to where the polish was.  I was ticked!  What am I going to do with a bunch of bottles that are breaking and probably won't even stand level?! I decided not to risk taking pictures because I didn't want to get glass everywhere and ended up returning it in store.  This item is out of stock online at this time, but just be aware that Sephora only uses paper cushioning and that the Twenty Two set itself is not well packaged for a typical rough trip with UPS.  I guess I'm mildly grateful none broke to the polish itself.

I have mentioned that I am going away for a trip so I really didn't have time to swatch these, even on a wheel.  I took some pictures which I will include in this post and then try to get some swatches up when I return.  I've also broken two nails so my hand isn't presentable at this time.  I hope by the time I return everything will be all well with them.





Moar cremes

Bottle close up with outer cap removed

Shot of brush.  Formula looks good.

Overall, this is a great value at clearance price.  While none of the colors particularly blow me away, it's a beautiful collection of a little bit of everything.  Plus, it's a wonderful way to try (and own) a lot of the Formula X line, which is not cheap.  Once I try these, I'll let you know what I think of the handle/brush and of course, the formula.

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