Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rainbow Honey Monthly Mystery Bag - May

Hey everyone! Sorry for such the long absence. I've no excuse, other than being generally lazy once I get home from work.  I'm never really sure when I'm up to posting, but I've still been painting my nails regularly (on the weekend, at least), so I'm still in the game.  

I digress.  Today I've got something really exciting that I couldn't wait to blog about.  Rainbow Honey now has a regular subscription service available in two sizes.  Both full size and mini size bags are the same contents, just a big size difference. I've never tried Rainbow Honey before so this is a little bit of an adventure for me.  If you DO NOT want to be spoiled on the contents, please stop reading NOW.

I'm glad I decided to try this sub.  SO GLAD.  This is seriously...the coolest package I've received in a little while.  

Here are photos!

Bubble mailer with a cute sticker

Really well wrapped and cute

Bubble wrap with all the contents

So...what we got here?  Beautifulness, that's what we've got.  Farthest left, Waves, a GORGEOUS (I mean, my kind of color) glass fleck teal.  I don't know if a color could be more me.  Next to it, a complex glitter mix (neon pink, green and yellow glitters...blossoms, hearts, hexes, etc) called Neon Blossom.  Last polish is a yellow pastel with various glitters (including some rounds) called Petit Four.  I have not swatched these yet, but I did open them all to see the formula.  I was expecting a thick formula, but nope.  They all seem to be really nice thin formulas.  The brush was able to hold plenty of the glitter despite the thinness.  Very nice.  I will be reviewing these pretty soon so stayed tuned.

Next, a mini Summer Juice soap and Summer Juice parfume.  These smell amazing, very fruity.  I don't know the notes, but there is a bit of sharpness, like orange, coupled with something like mango.  Smells so good, it reminds me of Escada style scents.  There is a bit of alcohol scent that dries away quickly.  

She also included a full sized lip balm in Enter Lime!  It truly smells like lime but also has a hint of herb.  Smells great and seems pretty moisturizing.  Can't wait to start using it more, I LOVE lime.  

Finally, she also threw in a little baggie of mini orange sticks and eye shadow sponges.  This is truly a wonderful bag and the best part is the cost.  

Mini bag is $10 plus shipping, full size is $25 with free US shipping.  I'll continue to get the mini and I actually may upgrade eventually.  I think I'm also going to need a full size of Summer Juice at some point.  

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