Sunday, October 20, 2013

Urban Decay - Vice 2 plus comparisons!

This was a difficult post.  It takes a long time to find something you want to compare to, and then to swatch them and take photos?  I have a respect for makeup bloggers.

But anyway, I recently purchased the Vice 2 palette.  I thought it was gorgeous and I didn't want to miss out on it.  I wasn't sure if I needed it (well, of course I don't need it) but I figured if I didn't it could still be a nice lesson for me and maybe someone else could benefit.

All (and I mean all) swatches are on bare skin.

Dope, Radar, Prank, Smokeout

Toxic, Damaged, Madness, Lovesick

Habit, Voodoo, Strike, Shellshock

Ambush, Betrayal, Stash, Coax

(What?!  I forgot this row in the photos above.)
Rewind, Derailed, Poison, X-rated

The quality of these is great, typical Urban Decay quality.  The only one I had trouble with is Lovesick.  It just doesn't swatch well.  I will never wear it though, except maybe as an eyeliner.  I think it would play fine on the eye, as it picks up well on the finger but it just wouldn't do well in the arm swatch.

My favorite of these is Derailed, a taupe.  I love taupes and neutrals.  I put it on today, and it is so intensely pigmented that I accidentally went overboard.  While this is relatively small for a UD palette, I have to say I wouldn't recommend traveling with it.  I'd still be afraid it would break and I feel it's still on the bulky side.

Now, onto the good stuff.

Is it worth getting?

I did a bunch of swatch comparisons, although I stopped after a few palettes.  If you see something in this palette and want a comparison, let me know and I *might* have it running around somewhere.  I have a couple (2) more UD palettes I didn't bother pulling out, plus some Stila and WnW.  There are probably some look alikes amongst them.  After looking at what I compiled...I don't think this palette is a necessity.  I only had one dead on dupe (fancy that, another UD) but I had enough close enoughs.  You'll see what I mean.

First up:

Sonia Kashuk Jewel of an Eye.

People, there are a number of colors in here that are close and this palette is currently on clearance.  I got mine for $10, a real bargain.  The quality is pretty good in this one so I say get it.

Sorry for the blur.  UD Damaged is to the right.

Here we have two swatches from the SK palette and one UD color.  The UD colors look like the son of the other two colors.  I bet you could approximate something close by mixing the two.

Look at them blues, y'all!  They're not as close as they appear but I don't know if you need both.

Prank, second to last

Next palette: The Balm Nude Tude.  I did check out Meet Matte Nude, but there was nothing in there that was close (due to the lack of mattes in this palette).

And finally, Urban Decay 15th Anniversary.

I like this palette, a lot.  Between the two of them, I would pick the 15 palette every time.  I think it has a better range, and is more wearable.  It's also just as fun.  

From left: UD Deeper (15) , UD Ambush (Vice), UD Deep End (15), UD Madness (Vice), UD Evidence (15), UD Prank (Vice)

 (some colors repeat from previous picture)
From left: UD Omen (15), UD Betrayal (Vice), UD Flow ? (15), UD Toxic (Vice)

UD Deeper (15), UD Ambush (Vice), UD Tainted (15), UD X-Rated (Vice)

Check out those purples.  They actually look more different in this picture than on my arm.  In the pan, they look pretty different, but they're essentially the same once swatched.  Don't get this palette for Betrayal if you have the 15th.  Every color I compared from these two, I liked the 15th more.  That's all I'm saying.  

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