Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I Love Nail Polish - Birenfringence (H)

Hey everyone!  I've got a lovely today.  I had initially planned on having a holo at the ready, but what do you know...it always rains when I wear a holo.  It will have to wait another day, sadly.  But I do have a goody today that I've had for a little while.

If you've never had a the pleasure of having an I Love Nail Polish, you're missing out.  The packaging is divine. The box it comes in is lovely and showcases the bottle with the shape of a heart cut out.  The bottle itself seems like a nice one, with a rubberized handle.  It's just a really great design overall.

This was one of my first orders with I<3NP, and I really liked the idea of getting holo and duochrome in one, thus opting for this version.  However, holo will dull polish colors (I think this is why it's hard to find good red and black linears) so keep that in mind when ordering.  

This has some great color shifts which are pretty easily seen in the bottle shot. Blue, purple and a yellow/green are apparent and the holo is fairly decent, though could just as easily have been topped with a holo top coat to get the same effect.

The formula on this was wonderful.  I wasn't really sure what to expect since I had no base black coat but I only needed two coats and they were easy too.

Please check out Barbra's collection at her website, http://www.ilnp.com/.  She does the multichromes right.

Please note: I am entirely unaffiliated with this company.  I purchased this, and all of my other bottles of ILNP myself because they're too stinking pretty.

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