Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Yellow Mark

Yep, another texture.  I don't know whether I love them or not.  But you gotta hand it to them; they are unique.

Today is Yellow Mark by Milani.  I think all of these from Milani are limited edition.  I have no idea where you can buy them; I've only seem them in one store (Walgreen's) and that was where I got these. I've been a number of other Walgreen's since then and haven't seen them so I just don't know.  Anyway...

This is a real yellow.  It might be a hard polish to pull off for some, then again, it's sort of a novelty polish anyway, so...does it really matter?

First off, I have to say, these polishes are strange.  Swiping the brush along the bottle to get rid of excess creates a sound like little pieces of glass rubbing against each other.  It looks downright foamy.  Like, just full of bubbles.  I don't know what the other matte textures look like but it's just weird.

With that said, these are easy easy easy.  They go on smooth, clean up is easy.  First coat is thin though.  At two it was almost perfect, but there were still some bare patches so this is three coats.  I would caution though that you need thin coats.  In some places, I placed more on and it didn't texture like the rest of it.  It looks almost smooth in the thicker spots; I have no idea if it will settle eventually after drying or if it will always look that way.

I have to admit after all that.  I do like these weird things.  It's probably a fad, but it's kinda cool at least.

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