Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cirque Colors - Vice Collection (partial)

Greetings all!  Today I have a special partial collection from Cirque to share!  My usual hand is currently out of commission so I've got my left substituting for a few rounds.  I apologize in advance for the awkward you're about to witness.  But what really matters are these fabulous colors.  So lets dive in.

Nympho is a hot hot deep pink.  This one wins it for me.  After seeing this on PeachyPolish, I decided that I did NEED it and I'm so glad I got this one.  This one is hands down, my favorite. Very good formula and very easy to apply.  This will dry sort of matte (as do the rest) so they need a top coat.  The opacity is quite good; I didn't use a base but it probably would have popped a bit more if I had.  Three coats.

Miami-Dade is a mid toned blue with a hint of bleachy-ness going on.  Formula was ok but started getting difficult there at the end.  Three coats but two might have sufficed.

C.R.E.A.M. is a bleachy but bright green yellow.  This is a pretty color and has decent pigmentation. Three coats are needed to really get this opaque and even, and it still was a bit lumpy.  Formula was difficult, drying too quickly and not leveling well.  Use a good top coat to get it as even as you can.

Comparison time!

I realized pretty quickly that I owned a couple of very similar colors so I whipped those bad boys out.  Let's look!

Miami-Dade vs KBShimmer In Yacht Water.  These are not that close.  The KBShimmer is much more bleached and almost looks dusty.  I like them side by side.  KBShimmer has a decent formula, and needs three coats.

Kbshimmer, Cirque, KBShimmer, Cirque

C.R.E.A.M. vs KBShimmer For Sail By Owner.  These are remarkably close.  The camera actually does a better job at showing they're different than my eyes can.  They're so close in real life, the Cirque is maybe a quarter of a shade brighter.  The KBShimmer is sheerer, but the formula is SO MUCH BETTER!  It also needed three coats but it was a pleasure to use it. I ultimately will purge the KBShimmer, but only because my Cirque started getting black specs in the paint from the cap and I don't anyone to have to deal with that.

KBShimmer, Cirque, KBShimmer, Cirque
That's it for today! I'll be back soon!

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