Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday toppings

Today is all about pink.

This is Color Club Poptastic, a really great neon pink.  I decided that Sally Hansen's Wool Lite would go with this.  And I think I was right.

This is two coats of the fuzzy coat.

A couple of observations on this polish.  It is insanely (INSANE) difficult to remove.  The polish itself is thick and kinda gloopy.  It is unfortunately very humid here so I experience this problem frequently, but when a formula is thicker it is much more prone to problems in humid conditions, imo.  It covers quite nicely at one coat, and I bet you could reach opacity at around three (maybe four).  It doesn't make me think fuzzy, but it does actually remind me of feathers.  The final texture is just that; it is not glass smooth but I'm sure that can be achieved with a coat of top coat or two.  I am really into this craze right now.  I'm sure in about 6 months, it will be so passe that you won't see anybody wearing it anymore, but for now, I'm going to keep on putting it on!

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