Monday, July 8, 2013

Layla - Coral Glam

I had to get some Layla's.  It seemed wrong that I owned none, and Hautelook made sure I fixed this.  The other two Layla's I got will be coming up soon but for today, I've got Layla Coral Glam.

This is a gorgeous peachy pinkish nude with a lot of linear holo.

Couple of things about this polish.  The holo is fantastic.  Any light will show the holo, all of these photos are actually indoors.  I am not terribly fond of the formula but it's not bad.  It's really runny, like water but still it doesn't pool.  It is so thin though, that I needed 4 coats.  At three it would have been ok, but it was showing bald spots so I top coated, and then did another coat.  It does dry extremely quickly so the 4 coats were not painful.  I don't own an aqua base (though I hope to change this soon) so I had to use a matte top coat as a base.  The first two coats of this were soooo matte, and I think it was because of this.  With all that said, I was expecting a terrible formula, unworkable from reviews.  It was surprisingly easy even without an aqua base.  I cannot wait to use the other two.

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