Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nail mail I've been waiting for - and it's just perfect.

I took a plunge recently and decided to get some more fun holos.  They abound now, but I found some fun ones that weren't too expensive.  Meet Perfect Holographic.

This is a Bulgarian line of polish, and based on reviews around the intertubes, it seems pretty amazing.  I did unfortunately break a nail (I knew it was coming, but it wasn't on a nail I expected) so for now there are no swatches.  I will probably start throwing them up a few at a time and just use my non dom hand (I'm fairly mixed handed so I do prefer my right in photos) but in the mean time here are a few bottle shots, along with info on how to order these bad boys.

I decided to include a few photos of these beside a mini (this is a Sephora by O.P.I.) and a full sized polish (China Glaze) so you could fully see how small they are.  They are actually almost twice the size of the mini S. by O.P.I., but they don't look that much bigger.  Brush size is exactly the same as the sephora polish but the handle is longer so I imagine there will be better control. The bottles themselves are very cute, a little like a mini Cover Girl, but probably smaller.  I have a thing for square bottles, I just wished they were a bit bigger.

There are currently 8 colors in the line.  One thing I noticed about these which I hope you can see in these photos: the color and holo seperate, a lot.  Shaking these for a little won't do, you'll have to shake your hiney off to get these to mix well.  I managed to mix up two of them really well and they look great, nice and holo in the bottle.  But heed the warning label and shake well!

The ingredients look fairly benign, and I will post that list (there's only like 4 ingredients!) with the first swatch photos.

So a little about the ordering process.  I did a little research, and while you can get these in other places (Ebay, mainly) it is cheaper to order from the original site directly.  Located at, you'll find a list of their best sellers.  Perfect Holographic polishes seem to always be in that list.  I ordered these and totally missed this the first time, but there is a currency converter at the top of the page.  Shipping is pretty expensive for these and was actually more than the price of the 8 polishes combined.  My total was a little over $23 at the time (currency does fluctuate so check pricing) with shipping at 9 euros.  Shipping seems a little slow, but I was able to follow it once it hit USPS.  NY isc really slows shipping.  I'm not sure if that is customs or just sorting, but it stayed there for about a week before moving again.  When you do order, I believe you're to use COD option.  Once you've placed the order, they will email you; just reply to the email for them to invoice you through Paypal and pay them that way.  They'll email you around a week later telling you it's been shipped.

I'm honestly thrilled by these.  I don't have many holos to compare but I'm still going to have fun with them.

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