Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Toppings

Pretty much the moment I opened the package, I had ideas for Heart Breaker.  I had to whip out a deep blue and try it out.

This is China Glaze's Man Hunt.  It's from a collection last year, On Safari.  It's a great mid deep blue.  Almost a one coater, but it could not pass if I stopped there.  Great formula imo.

Heart Breaker turns this into a greenish hue, although in some settings the blue pulls more and it's hard to see any green.  The shimmers are gorgeous and add an amazing depth to an already beautiful color.  This version of Heart Breaker is becoming rarer so if I were you and in need of this, I'd try to find it while you still can.  All the ones at my new Walmart looked like this in the bottle, but I'm sure they're the new version since the Walmart is new.  Sorry about my wonky nail.  I'm having so much trouble growing it out and it chipped weirdly yesterday at the corner.

I'm thinking I might bust out another color before dinner, so I may have another up this week.  I really should have done more with the blog this week since this is the last chance I'll have for a couple of weeks, but such is life.  Here's to hoping.

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