Saturday, September 21, 2013

OPI - Alcatraz...Rocks

My very first OPI.  I'm eyeing another from this collection, but I'm going to hold off on getting that one for a little bit.  Esp after my online haul I did today....oops.

Anyway, I could not resist this one.  I'm in love with textures, I feel like for the most part, they're diverse and often very beautiful.  This one is a gorgeous deep shade of purple (think eggplant) with a lot of various color shimmers.  Purple, blue, copper, it's a real stunner.

This has the tendency to look blue in my camera, so I tried to get the most color accurate shots I could but the bottle shot above is probably the most accurate.

What do you think of these macros?!!!!

Two coats, only problem with it is it dries slow.  Since I've never tried OPI before, I can't say if this is unique to this color, or if it's our chemistry together.  I was mildly frustrated and I even tried my new drying drops I got from Essence.

I decided to top coat it at the last minute.  Gah, gorgeous.  It turned it blacker looking in darker settings but in brighter lighting, it still stays true to color.

In other news, I'm trying Duri Rejuvacote.  Just my second day on it so no comment, but I am really hoping it helps strengthen them.  Getting tired of these breaks all the time.

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