Thursday, August 14, 2014

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag - August 2014

I'm back with another edition.  Unfortunately, this took a long time to get up.  This was in the mail for a week (the PO dropped the ball on this) and then I ended up seeing pictures of what was in it online and kind of lost interest.  But I've finally got off my butt and got these up.  Here's what's up.

To start, the non polish items.

We yet again received a cuticle balm, this time in Royal Fruits.  I don't mind these, really, but I have SO MANY cuticle creams and balms as it is.  Anyway, this scent is lovely, but I always get the wax note first and foremost.  Will use, but I really don't need another.

The bag also came with a Royal Fruits eau de parfum roller ball.  I don't know what this scent is, but I conjure up images of kiwi, strawberry and mango.  There's also something a little off about it...not sure what, but I still like it.

Last non polish thing is a body spray in Summer Fruit.  I think we've had this scent before in some other iteration.  This is also really fruity, but it has stronger notes of citrus than Royal Juice.  It smells like mango and oranges (lots of oranges).  I usually don't use body spray but I'll have to give it a go.

And now to the real goodies.  This month brought about a scented top coat in Royal Fruits.  I was initially disappointed to receive a top coat, but in the end, I like having it to see if it's my thing.  I don't think this dried especially quickly, but it does have a strong scent.  You can smell it in the air as you paint it on, and when the polish smell goes away, it becomes very noticeable.  I even ended up layering the glitter and Out the Door over it, and can still smell it.  It doesn't bother me, but it's a bit potent.  Shine wise, it was good but I'll have to test it out more to know if it's worth a repurchase.

The first color is 488nm (does anyone know what that means?), a mid toned blue.  I again, was a bit disappointed.  I didn't really expect a straight creme but it turns out I love this.  On the nails, this takes on a real deep teal look.  Formula was...alright.  It needed three coats for proper coverage and it didn't settle well, looking a bit bumpy where I didn't take my time.  This also thickened up a bunch during application.  Be ready for thinning.

The glitter topper of the month is Modern Hearts, a very pink based glitter with white hearts and honey suckle hexes.  This also has a nice iridescence floating in the clear base.  Formula was thinner than past RH toppers, so I was pleased.  I used the dab method and that worked well and gave good enough coverage.  IMO, this does not go with 488nm, so I found it odd they paired these in the same bag, but I've noticed their colors in these bags generally don't pair well.  It would probably look fantastic over a pink, orange or white.

Getting over the initial disappointment, I thought the extra goodies really saved the bag this month.  I'm hoping next month looks better, because I'm getting the "I might need to cancel" bug.

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