Sunday, July 13, 2014

Zoya Bubbly Collection Part 2

Yep.  I took my sweet sweet time doing this.  Sorry about that.  I actually have been dealing with headaches/migranes for the past couple of days.  A real stressful work week, but I decided to try to get these done today and done they were!

Jesy is first, another orange in this collection.  This one is a bit deeper and woah man, is she pretty.  I wouldn't have thought much of her, but she really shines (heh, literally) on the nail.  Three coats.

Stassi is next, an almost wintery green.  My intial thought was "ooooooooh...pretty" but that was quickly replaced with "too Christmas-y".  Three coats.

Lastly is what I decided to wear today.  Binx is a deeper pink, whereas Harper is more Barbie, this more toned down in a way.  It's really gorgeous on.  I'm not convinced I needed three coats for this one, but this is three coats.

My picks are Binx, Muse and a surprise favorite of Jesy.  Congrats to the three.

I have no plans currently for what's next.  I hope I can accomplish something in the next month.

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