Sunday, May 19, 2013


All products were purchased by me.

Hello again.  I've got a rather large collective haul to show off.  I'm currently suffering through a no-buy so this is it for awhile.  But it's a lot, so hopefully I can make it through.

First thing I picked up were two of the Loreal jellies recently released as limited edition.  This collection was pretty large, I think it had 8 polishes and several infallible eye shadow shades.  It was hard to pick just two but I managed.

I've actually worn both of these.  No swatches of them but the orange (Mango Mamma) at three coats was not quite satisfactory.  I believe at 4 it would have been perfect.  The red (Jolly Lolly) was great at three coats.  I like these both, I actually liked the whole collection.

Up next, Sinful Colors.  I decided to wander into Dollar Tree to see if the rumors were true.  They were, they actually did have some SC polishes.  The selection was pretty limited but I got two colors.  At a $1 a piece, you can't really go wrong.

I haven't tried these yet.  Faceted is a bar glitter with some other regular glitters suspended in a clear base. I believe this was limited edition for their Christmas 2012 (I did not partake in any from that collection at the time).  It is similar to Hard Candy's Tinsel Town, but TT has shorter bar glitter. I think I might end up liking TT more than this. I will have to compare.  On the right is SC Daddy's Girl.  This one appears to be a jelly polish. it is a very deep purple with some shimmer.  I heard it's close to Chanel Taboo, but I really have no idea.
One thing to note is that some of these bottles at DT do not have a label on them.  Be sure to pick up the bottles with labels, otherwise you'll never know what you got!

Next up is my Zoya Earth Day haul.  I got 8 polishes, but one is not shown here as I just had a post on Daul the other day.

I decided to get most of the Ornate Collection.  I loved most of the colors but didn't get them before hand.  I already owned Aurora so obviously I didn't get that one.
Starting on the left, is Zoya Storm, a black scattered holo.  It is so beautiful, I cannot wait to wear it.  To the right of it, is Ziz, a gold foil.  Next is Blaze, a red scattered holo.  The next one I'm not sure quite why I ordered it, is Carly.  But when I received it, I realized why.  It's just gorgeous, I can't wait to wear this one as well.  The blue is Song.  I'm currently indifferent about it, hopefully that will change.  Logan is next, another Ornate color.  It's a gorgeous green foil. Finally is Wednesday, a blue green creme.

Finally, I got a Helmer.  I've been using a Melmer for quite some time but I was in Orlando and I've been wanting a Helmer for a long time.  So...

It's currently empty.  The casters are also off but they will be going on soon because it's too big for the space originally intended.  I'm probably going to start transferring things to it this week.  The Melmer will still be used somehow.  I'll probably do a comparison post of the two storage units.

That is all, I will be posting more swatches this week.

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