Friday, May 24, 2013

Battle of the bar glitters

First off, updates and warnings.

I've had some major breaks in the past few days. I've hesitated swatching because the break on my photogenic hand was terrible.  It is downright dreadful so I wanted nothing to do with it.  The other hand (my left) has a noticeable unevenness to it on one of the nails but it isn't as bad as my usually hand so I'm using it in this post.

I today acquired some Biosil and I cannot wait to try it.  I'm not including it in my no-buy because I feel like I really need it.  It is supposed to help with hair, nails and skin, including making dry skin more moisturized.  I've long battled with dry skin, despite living in some of the most humid climates you can find in the US.  I've had problems with nails being paper thin, and extensive problems with hair and skin since before high school and I've tried a number of things.  I'm willing to give this a fair chance, and if it improves one thing I will be happy.

My no-buy is going strong!  I'm super happy with this because I've been resistant to putting myself out of the polish loop.  I've got a few more lemmings because of that and had to pull myself away from the Fuzzy Coats while in Target, but I've stayed strong and will most likely at least make it to June, if not beyond.

Now on to the good stuff!

In a very recent post, I mentioned how Faceted (Sinful Colors) reminded me of a color I already owned, Hard Candy's Tinsel Town.  I wanted to compare them because bar glitter is bar glitter, amirite?


These two polishes could not be more different.

Let's talk about Faceted first.

This is a pretty basic glitter.  It is a clear based top coat, filled with small round blue glitters and long and quite large bar glitters.

Tinsel Town is much more diverse than that.

It is a clear base as well, but it is packed with glitters.  Green and purple tiny glitter, as well as very small holo bar glitters.

I decided to swatch them one coat at a time.

The above is one coat on each nail.  The Index and ring are Faceted, middle and pinkie are Tinsel Town.  You can already see that Tinsel town is much more packed with glitter.

Now at two coats.  Tinsel Town is nearly opaque.  It reminds me seriously of Mardi Gras.

And at three coats.  Faceted is getting there, but it will always be a topper never a stand alone.

The formula on these is vastly different.  Tinsel Town is so packed with glitter that there is hardly any clear base.  It goes on easily and dries quickly.
Faceted on the other hand.  Oh dear.  It's a hot mess.  You can tell it's full of bar glitters, but they really don't come out on the brush all that well.  And the clear base? I have no other way to put this. It is like snot.  It actually grossed me out yesterday when I was just playing around with them. I guess you could thin it, maybe that would make the formula better.

I actually tried to capture the slimy factor for you; it's just hard to do that without it dripping while taking the shot.

One final pic with topcoat.

I actually like both of them, save for the formula issue. They aren't similar enough to say you don't need both. Faceted could really help a very boring polish just as Tinsel Town could.  Tinsel Town will not dry as shiny as Faceted.  It won't ever look as shiny I think, unless you used Gelous or a similar product and then topcoated.

Oh, removing both of these: surprisingly easy.  Reaaaally happy about that.  Fun, easy to remove glitter, how unusual.

Final verdict: Not dupes, no where close.  Feel free to get both!  Woohoo!

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