Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Toppings - Episode One

Welcome to my theme day.  I'm calling it Sunday Toppings.  I love ice cream, so this is a great theme for me. This theme day will feature special effect top coats over various polishes.

Today is Essie As Gold As It Gets over Wet n Wild Disturbia.  The Essie is from the Luxe Effects line.  I keep seeing it all over the place, so I think these are permanent.  It is a gold flake top coat.  It isn't real gold, and it looks very different from the real ones.  It's still a great effect, and less guilt inducing.

The flakes vary in size.  None are big flakes.  It is mostly comprised of very teeny ones, with a few medium sized flakes thrown in for good measure.

This top coat really brightens up Disturbia.  It gives it an amazing look, much more depth than Disturbia alone.  I'm so glad I tried this. In my opinion, it makes the polish so much better.

Nothing to disclose.

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