Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New to me - FingerPaints

Since FingerPaints is on sale all month long, what does Layla do?

Layla hauls FingerPaints.

I don't know why, but I've never tried FingerPaints before.  They don't shout out at me while I'm busy eyeing the China Glaze and so the poor dears sit there, without a second look from this girl.  But that all changed this weekend.

I picked up a pair of FingerPaints from the regular display and another pair from the reg tag sale (did you know they're also b1g1?!) and I'll be talking about them all soon enough.  Today is all about Go Baroque (I both love and hate this name).

I wasn't sure what was up with this.  I know FingerPaints has textures but I wasn't sure if it was just a glitter or a texture with heavy glitter.  It turns out, it's a glitter.  This is  a heavy gold based fine glitter, with larger rose gold colored glitters.  You can either use it alone or over something else.  It reaches opacity on it's own in three coats which was easy enough.  This was hard to photograph for some reason, maybe because this is real blingy.  You might notice that the photos seem dark; this was the only shots that looked right.  The shine on these was so much that, too much light made it look clear.  Very weird.  This would make a great celebration kind of polish (New Years Eve) and would probably be great as an accent.  I didn't bother to top coat this because it was oddly smooth enough.  I do imagine it would look even better with a thick coat of gelous, but I liked it just fine without.  It's very pretty.

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