Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Memebox - 4th Global Edition

Hello again!

I'm back with yet another Memebox unboxing.  If you don't know about Memebox, they're a Korean company who is just starting to expand globally with the goal to introduce the rest of us to the awesomeness of Korean beauty.  At this time, you cannot subscribe to the service, so you kind of have to keep an eye out to pick up boxes as they are released.  They also tend to release them frequently, making it quite unlikely that one could afford all the boxes.  I'm sad to say that I missed out of box six and probably will not get box 7.  But I love the brand!

Now, onto the box:

Guys, there's a staggering amount of products in this one.  Not as many full size, but so much to try that you can't really be upset.  Here...we...go...

Lip and cheek tint.  I don't know who would wear this...it's straight orange.  I will probably give it a shot.  Is the packaging not adorable though?  I love it so much I hate it.

This is essentially a dry shampoo.  It was an inexpensive full sized product.  Looking forward to trying this.

Hehe...vampire face...

Another fairly inexpensive full sized product.  A face bar soap with some sulfur...and yes...it smells like sulfur.  Nicely packaged.

This is a sampler pack.  I think it's akin to toner.  Comes with tissue pads.  Nifty.

Another deluxe size.  Essentially a face serum, they suggest to mix a few drops with lotion.  I'm excited about it.  Cutely packaged.

What I'd describe as a lotion or lotion serum.  External packaging is quite pretty.

Lip gloss.  Pretty color, supposed to be a well recognized and high end brand.

Another face oil.  Packaging is ok.  Also suggests use for cuticles, which...hey!  I love stuff I can put on my cutes.

Not really sure...I think it's similar to toner.  Very cutely packaged and very nice deluxe size.  Has a covering which I'm not quite sure how to open.


The BB is light...real light.  Granted, I'm not very fair (pretty solidly medium) but I don't know.  I'm hoping it oxidizes a great deal.  I tried a small amount of the gloss on, feels pretty heavy but that that sticky.  Will have to report back.  And that tint...it's orange, y'all.

Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with this box.  The express shipping gets it across the pond in no time and to my door step like that and I'm loving the variety.  Well done, Memebox, well done.

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