Sunday, June 8, 2014

Rainbow Honey - June Mystery Bag

I finally got my bag yesterday!  I couldn't wait to rip it open and so I have no pictures of the pretty packaging (sorry)!

I also forgot to photograph the card, but I'll hopefully remember to do that with the forthcoming swatches. And off topic, but I didn't forget about the holo post...I just got side tracked.  Ugh.  It turned into more work than I thought, and I'm going to have to do a second round.

Back to Rainbow Honey.  First the soap (I forgot to include in the group shot).  I could smell this through the wrapper and it's sooooo yummy.  I thought it was chocolate upon smell, and when I saw it I thought surely it was but in fact it's a sugar scrub.  I don't know but it smells good.

Lets finish the non polish items first.  Next is the Nucifera Eau de Parfum rollerball.  This is a perfume in the works.  It's supposed to be reminiscent of the tropics but it smells like peppermint to me.  I'm not sure what's in this but it's a bit odd.  I'll have to try it on and see how it wears on my skin.

Finally, Tea Biscuit cuticle balm.  I need another cuticle balm like I need (another) hole in the head but I ain't complaining.  This is in a typical lip balm applicator, which is unusual.  I only quickly tried it and I had a hard time applying it (only me) so I'm going to have to give this a proper go.  This seems like a great idea for travel.

NOW...the polish!

Pikake is a glitter topper.  Very pink based glitters inside a clear base, it's quite complex.  Can't wait to try it.

Rose Macaron is a milky pink glitter.  I love me some milky colored polish.  So excite.

Lastly, Ichigo is a fuchsia jelly with some flakies.  I have to try it out to see how well it shows.

Final observations.  This is a surprisingly pink month.  I'm hoping formula is a little thinner than last months but if not, I'll proceed to thin them as necessary. They also included orange sticks again and little nail art beads.  Much appreciated. I HOPE to be back tomorrow with swatches, and Tuesday with the Memebox polish swatches.

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