Monday, June 9, 2014

Memebox -10 Minute Box

Hey guys,

Today didn't turn out quite like I planned and I didn't have enough time to get swatches done.  I'm hoping to get on the ball tomorrow, with a few swatches before and after work to make up time.  Today I've got my most disappointing Memebox to date.

I don't know why I got this one, except that I had a butt load of points to spend. Well it came, and I'm sad.

Item 1: Aromalab "Designer Fragrance Oil  - American Pheromone Woman Type 01"

A roller ball which is supposed to be fruity, but is really bordering on powdery.  It does indeed have a fruity scent, but I'm not sure about this one. It might be going to Houston to stay with my mother very soon.  Nice packaging, but mine did leak a wee bit. EDIT: Dries now nicely.  Pretty happy with it at this point in time.  Has a bit of masculinity early on but the dry down is just so good.

Item 2: Hope Girl "Powdery Body Perfume"

(That looks like blue cheese, doesn't it?!)

This is quite literally a powder, though it does have a very mild powder scent. I'm not a fan of powder, but I can tolerate it as it's so subtle. I tend to overheat quickly too, so I'm willing to try this since silica is good for body moisture...tmi, I'm sorry.  Well packaged but I'm not huge on leopard print (but I do love leopards).

Item 3: Hope Girl "Milky Balm Lipstick"

Randomly selected. I got Red Burgandy, which I guess is perhaps more wine red than the other option, though I don't know for sure.  This is pretty much a brick red.  Typical lipstick packaging. I'm not huge on red lipstick but I might be able to sheer it down.  Mine melted a wee bit (it's so mother humping hot...ugh), but I'm sure as long as I'm careful it won't break.

Item 4: Secret Romance "Hair Essence Lovely"

Perfume for the hair. Good concept and it smells great. Problem is, it's oily! Ugh. My hair is extremely thin and produces plenty of oil on its own.

Item 5: Laboratory eyelashes

I don't know what pair I've gotten.  It's all in Korean.  But nope.  No.  No.  No.  Not even any glue.  Wat.

Oh well.  Can't win them all.

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