Monday, June 9, 2014

Hope Girl Nail Travel Bling Set

I surprised myself and got up some real quick and dirty swatches.  This particular trio is called "Pink Syrup" and that's probably a good description.

So here we go.

I noticed on the box itself that these are to work in conjunction with one another.  Well then!  That makes it easy.  Look at the many ways to do your nail art!  I opted for the easy gradient.  It ain't too pretty though.

Ok, on index is Number 1 (these may actually have names but since I don't know a SINGLE word in Korean I really wouldn't know).  This is actually really pretty and reminds me of that NYC topper.  But it ain't much by its lonesome.

Middle is a gradient of all three.  Numbers 1 and 2 sort of blend together and are incredibly difficult to tell apart.  Ring is number 2, frosty with a bit of holo hexes, though they are pretty tough to get out of the bottle.  Nu-uh.  Would probably make a decent topper as well.  Pinky is number 3, a real juicy pink with a good amount of glitter.  All are two coats.  They don't work well together, imo, but would all probably be very serviceable toppers, and that is alright by me.  Here are some additional photos.

Don't hesitate to ask additional questions.  Until next time.

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