Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rainbow Honey - Tea Biscuit Cuticle Balm

I'm still out of town!  Longest trip ever.  I'm excited to return but I might have enjoyed my trip to Houston more if I rented a car.  Trying to save a little cash  I'm just grateful to miss a couple of work days, especially our ridiculous 7:30 meeting on Monday!

Today, I have a review of a stick cuticle balm available from Rainbow Honey.  Unfortunately, their store is closed for a restock and I'm unable to check inventory of this item.  

This is a lip balm like package, where you twist up and down to get product to appear.  I brought this with me, along with a container of Lemony Flutter (Lush) and that was pretty much it.  The smell of this is amazing, like sugar cookies!  It has a hint of wax smell as well but it's not bad. 

I think the product is ok.  In it's stick form, I found it hard to apply, because I really like to slather it on and it tends to go on in a very thin film.  What I tended to do was rub a bunch on my index finger and then apply to the opposite hand.  As a result, I used a lot of this stuff!  It has good staying power, and indeed helped to keep my cuticles moisturized.  I've not visited any dry climates, so I have no idea how well this will help someone living in Phoenix.  It's also not very greasy, so it absorbs into skin well.  I would probably not repurchase this, but would not mind if it came in another months bag.  This is something that I'll probably only use for travel though, since it doesn't count towards liquids and is not necessary to store in your quart sized container.  I have plenty left for future travels.  

I hope to be back late this week with some swatches, but my bad break is growing dreadfully slow and it still needs a bit of filing so I can't make any promises.  I've also decided to do a bit of a blog clean up, and MANY of my posts will be removed.  I may never reswatch some of these, but I'd rather have them gone and keep the things that I'm truly satisfied with.

Hope your Sunday is a great one.

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