Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rainbow Honey - June Mystery Bag polish swatches

I'm on a roll.  Got these done before work but it ate up a lot of spare time.  Oh well,  it was worth it!

Let's start with Ichigo, which is a fuschia jelly with a lot of flakies (I think they're partially shards).  This...is...stunning.  It's incredibly juicy.  At three coats, the opacity was ok, but it was no where near as dark as the bottle color.  This is fine on it's on, but would probably be a pretty good topper.

(note the color difference from the bottle)

This is three coats, with a coat of Gelous and a coat of NYC GCS.

Formula wise, a bit thick, but not bad.  I will need to thin it but got by on this application without doing so.

Next is Rose Macaron, a gorgeous milky pink base with a good amount of different pinkish glitters.  This is amazing on.  A little lumpy, because of all the glitter and the formula, but if you're more careful than I, it shouldn't be much of an issue.

This is three (I think?, gah!) coats.  This is a bit thick and clung to the handle a bunch.  I did manage to get through application by turning it over each time it gummed up too much.  A thinning would not hurt it but I don't think it needs it at this time.  One coat of Gelous and one coat of NYC GCS.  Another winner.

Finally, Pikake, a complex glitter topper.  I decided to layer this over Zoya's Dot, which has a bad formula.  I did two coats of Dot and it was still a streaky mess but I went with it anyway.  One coat of Pikake, dabbed totally saves this color and they look great together.

Formula wasn't bad, but like I mentioned, you need to dab this one on.  There is a lot of glitter in this so it's easy to handle and get good coverage.  The iridescent glitters really make this pop and shimmer.  One coat of Gelous was applied to give it a smoother finish.

I am REALLY loving these this month.  These are all really unique and beautiful.

Gonna try to get more done this afternoon.  We'll see.

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