Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Urban Outfitters swatches

Wooooo!  My first ever UO polishes.  We don't have an Urban Outfitters here, and whenever I'm in a place with one, I never seem to remember to go by and check it out.  In college, we used to have one in walking distance from my dorm.  Long ago are those days.

Today, I've got a couple of milky glitters to show.  I ordered these online, as well as some other household items.  These helped me to get to the free shipping marker.  I really need to order from them again so I have reason to get more of these.

First is Violet Sugar, a purple-ish color.  It really reminds me of smashed blueberries, but whatever.

My camera pulled this way blue, so I did color correct the last photo as closely as I could. This is two coats.

Next is Blue Raspberry, which is really more minty.

This is three coats.  First coat was applied way too thin, so I had to do a third.  I recommend doing two slightly thicker coats to minimize the lumpy thickness.

I'll talk about formula first since they were both the same.  Fantastic.  Despite being chocked full of glitter, they were nice and thin (something I enjoy for something so densely full of glitter).  The glitters appear to be identical in both colors, which I was mildly disappointing.

I've got to admit that while I love square bottles, I don't care for these much.  The handles are short for a full size, and they're so...squat.  They'll end up taking up a bit more room than a bottle that is a bit taller.  But, these are really great polishes.  Tomorrow, a Color Club.

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