Saturday, June 14, 2014

Color Club - For You

Another milky glitter!

I recently ordered from Head2Toe Beauty to slay a long time lemming (China Glaze's Champagne Kisses) and decided to make the order worth my while.  This was the only non-China Glaze I purchased.

I want to mention the redesign first.  Color Clubs now come with a rubberized white cap, with a CC logo.  The design of the name has changed as well, and looks a little disco-y.  Despite this, it looks great and feels upscale.  

This is a milky white glitter with the SAME glitter mix as both the Urban Outfitters polishes I showed yesterday.  The formula was the same as well, with a thin base.  It required two and a half coats to build to good opacity (the third coat is near the cuticle and then dry brushed the rest of the way up to avoid it looking thick and ducky at the tips).  These polishes are all made by the same company, Forsythe Cosmetics, so it stands to reason that everything would be the same.  I'm just disappointed they only seem to have one glitter mix, but they're all pretty and they all do end up looking different because of the base.

I also wanted to mention that this and the UO polishes has some curling glitter.  It's not terrible, but it's there.  It is more noticeable in the UO polishes than the CC and I'm guessing it has to do with age.  I know sometimes curling glitter can get better (I've heard this about an infamous OPI), but I imagine it can also get worse in some cases too. I'm not sure which is newer to be honest.  Time might answer this question.

Color Clubs retail for slightly more than UO polishes, however, you can get them at a discounted price more easily.  I'm likely going to place an order soon for more from Enospring, as I've loved every CC I've tried to date.  I'm not entirely sure the colors overlap across the two brands however, so I'll still check out UO polishes.

What's next?  Who knows...I'm going to be out of town for a little while and I am flying with no checked bags so I won't be able to take much polish with me.  I'm hoping to get some Sally Hansen tints up and the new Zoya Bubbly collection as well.  Thanks for reading!

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