Saturday, June 7, 2014

Memebox 11

Welp, I have another of these to show today.  I do apologize as these really have nothing to do with polish, but I really love this box so I have to share.

If you haven't been keeping up with Memebox, then you might be surprised at their growth. The sheer number of boxes that they've released is boggling, and I really no longer try to even keep up to date on it. It's totally overwhelming. I do feel like their global boxes are where you get great variety and value, and lucky boxes are good if you've missed a good number of the regular editions (I'm talking 4,5 or 6 boxes). I actually feel like lucky boxes are better because they tend to compile the best of but since I've never been able to practice skipping 4 boxes, I've never felt the need to indulge.

Box 11 had been no exception. Everything, like usual is beautifully presented. And surprise, surprise, there's polish.

Item 1: Dear by Enprani "Moistfull" Booskin". This appears to be a toner. To be honest, I'm not religious with toner but this looks like a nice product and I will try it out. But dat name...

Item 2: Too Cool For School "Dinoplatz Cinema City"
Took me a minute to realize this is a CC cream. Packaging is really cute. Good enough size to get a feel for if it's good or not but swatch was rather light. Will have to try it out because I do think it blends down significantly and I don't need very much coverage.

Item 3: Hope girl "Nail Travel Bling Set"
I was initially excited about this. Three mini sized polishes with good handles. The colors looked nice but after seeing them in a better lighting situation, I'm skeptical. They all look jelly, so that is a bonus. This was a random selection out of four possible color sets.

Item 4: Witch's Pouch "Lolli Tint" in Fruity Bloom

Untried.  Looks like straight raspberry. Contains a doe foot.  Pretty small, but good enough to try.

Item 5: Illi Fresh Moisture Body Lotion

Lotions are piling up around me!  I really hope I never get another one, but this one smells ok.

Item 6: Illi Green Tea Brightening Mask

Not a huge fan of paper masks (it feels like something is attacking my face after about 15 seconds) but I will use it because I am mask obsessed and don't curr about feeling like I'm in a movie with aliens zombies who suck your face off.

Item 7: Purederm "Botanical Choice Solution Eye Cream"

(So many shadows)

Nice sized product but I am trying to work my way through three other eye creams...maybe I should stop, eh?

I received it in a timely manner, despite going for the cheaper standard option. It looks like customs is now familiar with the service and so it doesn't hang out there for too long.  That's it!

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