Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cuticle Care Series

Another up for review is a Qtica product, which is a Zoya branch.  Qtica specializes in skin care, including lip care.  Pretty neat!  The only product I've tried from them though, is Qtica Intense Cuticle Repair Balm.  I hope to try out some of their other stuff, though.  Because it's a great product.

For consistencies sake, I've decided to break this down into another pros/cons list.

1. Ok. I love the container.  It has a very high end feel, with a rubberized cap and heavy frosted glass.  Off to a good start.

2. Lasts forever.  I do have a sizable dent, but no where near the bottom of the glass. I can't foresee how long I will have it, but it's gonna be a long time.

3. With a formula like this, it should work...and it does.  Thick and creamy, it sticks to your skin so that it gets down to business and does a great job with moisturizing.

1. Sticky.  Never thought a lotion could be so sticky.  Every little fuzz, every little hair will be drawn to your finger tips like magnets.  This is also what makes it so good. The stickiness is what keeps it on, but...well forget about wearing this during the day.  IMO, this is designed only for night time use, when no one cares what your hands look like.

2. While it does a great of moisturizing, it did little to soften up my hard cutes.  Not a deal breaker, but it's not the answer to everything that ails you.

3. The smell.  Don't like it, period.  It has a very strong floral and powdery scent.  However, unlike the Badger, which grew worse to me the more i used it, this is the opposite: I've gotten used to it.

I'd buy this stuff again, unless some kind of less stinky product came along with the same or better work ethic.  It's totally worth it to me.

This product is available at www.qtica.com/

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