Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Badger cuticle care

Alright guys.  Something a little different today.  A cuticle product review.  I will probably do these
occasionally since I find this a little fun.

Up first in the cuticle care series: Badger Cuticle Care. This is a solid oil product inside of a little tin can.  I decided to break this down in a series of pros/cons to make it easier to see the benefits and detriments of what you're getting with this one.

Oh, hey...here's some photos!


1. Easy to carry with you. Even if all you used was a clutch or even a pants pocket, you will have room.  It's really truly a portable product.

2. Easy to apply.  All ya gotta do is dip your finger in the container, and it will go from solid to oil instantly.  Rub it on your cuticles and you are good to go.

3. Man, this stuff last forever. I have a huge dent in it, but I probably could use it every day for a year and still not run out.

4. It really does improve the look of your cuticles.  After it's soaked in, it makes them look nice and clean.

5: USA made and all natural products.


1. I have to complain about the container.  It is hard to open with wet nails, and you usually want to moisturize after you've recently painted.  Try prying it open with a wet nail; guaranteed to ruin it.

2. To me, this stuff takes a long time to sink in.  It just kind of sits on the skin.  Lotion helps with this but still, not pleasant to have oily looking fingers for so long after.  I have tried Essie Apricot oil and I thought it would be the same.  But no, that stuff sank in right away.  Not sure why it takes this stuff so long.

3. I'll be honest here, I don't think it's all that moisturizing.  Sure, it will make your cutes look better, but after it's all gone, you'll still have dryness.  I've heard a lot of people say that oils are more drying.  That may be the case, however I didn't notice this with my Essie sample.  Lotion applied in conjunction will obviously help with this.

4.  This is the MAIN reason I will never buy this stuff again.  It stinks...to high heaven.  Not a rotten, spoiled scent, but a "I just walked into this alternative health store and their burning incense in here" smell.  It's bad and it's strong.  Granted, there isn't anything fake about the smell (it seems like a lot of cuticle products have a fake smell) but honestly...I'd rather have fake by a mile than this.  I hate the smell.  I still use it, but I slather it on in the morning, when I know I still have time for it to absorb before work so I don't smell of it.  I also liberally apply a great smelling lotion to my hands which helps mask the scent.

That's my review.  I know it's a little...harsh, but I'm being honest here.  I will eventually try more oils but I won't be trying this again.

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