Thursday, April 25, 2013

A tried and true-Zoya

I bought this baby myself.

I decided to finally take a break from all the other things I had to do today and just paint my nails!  I get bummed when I really don't have the time so I needed a pick me up.  What better to do that than Zoya Zuza.

I'd describe this one as sort of a's not blue and it's not green, though it is far more green leaning.  It is filled with silver metallic goodness.  Very summery, very beachy.

Unfortunately, the color is not exactly true in these photos.  Shots with my nails are better than the lone bottle. My camera apparently doesn't play well with it.  I took one picture where the bottle shot was completely BLUE.  Totally misleading (I love the picture because it's so pretty but it's just so inaccurate I'm not going to put it here).

This dried quickly but I managed to ruin it by immediately doing chores.  Oh well, I guess I'll just have to paint my nails all over again.

Remember, Zoya is having their Earth Day Promotion with most colors being 50%.  Until next time...

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