Friday, April 12, 2013

Two blue jellies

I bought these with my own money.

So I've got two LOVELY blue jellies to show off today.

At some point in time, maybe about 3 months ago, I decided that I loved blue jellies.  I really needed to have them all.  Around this time, I stumbled upon Cirque's Tibetan Nights.  This is a cool one, a deep blue jelly, with lighter blue (and silver) tiny circle and bar glitter.  Sometimes I like bar glitter and sometimes I don't.  This is one of those times that I like.

Then I came across Contrary Polish Bright Night.  She too, has a deep royal blue jelly with lighter blue glitters (but no sliver and no bar glitter).  I decided it won't hurt me to own both, I mean they don't even have the same type of glitters in them, right?

Fast forward to today.  I tried both out. I already knew I loved the Cirque polish, but now I know I love both of them.  They are relatively similar but with the slightest bit of difference.  Both have fantastic formulas. I guess I would never expect that from a jelly, but both were two easy easy coats and that was it.  Not much fuss and muss.  They both dry down the same, kind of semi-matte so you need a top coat (you NEED it, it is so gorgeous with it).  And they're both quick driers.  Gotta love that.  No complaints for either one, I would happily repurchase both.

Pictured here are two coats of each.  The Cirque is on the middle and pinkie; the Contrary is on the index ring.

One more.  Cool flash effect.  Didn't mean to take it with flash but it was purty so I'm putting it in.

Thank you for looking.

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