Monday, April 15, 2013

China Glaze Infra Red

Gonna be broke cuz I paid for these myself.

Did someone say the weather wouldn't be nice enough for a holo?  Good thing I'm not a meteorologist.  Today I have another China Glaze hologram up.  Infra Red is a gorgeous reddish fuchsia.  I do feel it's a stretch to have red in the name; it doesn't strike me as a red at all, I'm afraid.  This was one I wasn't going to initially get but then thought that red holos aren't all that common, so maybe I should pick it up.  This is not a true red, so if that's what you're going for you are likely to be disappointed.

Above is indirect outdoor light.  Such a subtle holo.

And a few bottle shots. Noticable holo, though nothing outrageous.

Swatches are two coats, with a base of NYC Matte Me Crazy, and Beauty Secrets Quick Dry Top Coat. I found application to be a bit tricky.  I'm not sure if these need to be thinned; they seem like a good consistency but they thicken up quickly while working, creating a not so easy to apply mess.  I might try adding a little bit and see what becomes of it.

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