Saturday, April 27, 2013

Easy single color gradient

I bought this.

Hannah Pinktana.  What took me so long to pic you up?

Hannah Pinktana is a sheer jelly fuschia pink from the Fast Dry line (that's Wet n Wild).  There is a good amount of scattered holo particles in this to give it an amazing finish.

I decided I wanted to do something fun, but what?

Meet the single color gradient.

When I first applied this, it freaked me out.  It was SO sheer, I was really worried.  But at the second coat, I knew this was something special.  It almost went from being invisible to a sheer, but noticeable color.  That's when I decided on the gradient.

Unlike a lot of Wet n Wild nail polishes (I'm looking at you, Megalast) this applied beautifully and dried quickly.  The brush was a little wonky; it seems like that's the only brush I can get from WnW, but I like this style much more than their pro wide brushes.

These are natural light shots.  The light was shining inside right on my nails and I thought, "I need to take more pictures".

I don't think pictures can convey it; this is really pretty.  Incredibly squishy looking, a great jelly and a great formula.

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