Saturday, April 20, 2013


Nothing to disclose.

Today is OMG a UFO, another Hologram from China Glaze. I probably wasn't going to get this one because me and green never seem to agree.  But, rave reviews will convince one of anything.

So I have to tell this story.  I ran home from work (well not literally) and when I arrived, I planned on swatching something and throwing it up on the blog.  When I looked outside to see how good the weather was behaving, I saw SUN.  Glorious sun.  I rushed to apply OMG a UFO so I could capture those rainbow shots, but as I finished, the sun left.  Talk about a bummer.  I still have a few shots but nothing showing the linearness of it.  Oh well.

I should have another post up real soon.  Bye, now.

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