Wednesday, April 10, 2013

China Glaze Holographic

I have nothing to disclose.  All products were purchased by me with my own straight cash homey.

I'm back again!  Today, I've got two more of the new China Glaze holos to show.  I originally wanted to take more photos this morning, because the shots I took yesterday weren't in direct sunlight.  But, the sun wouldn't cooperate before I could leave for work.

The swatches today are When Stars Collide and Strap On Your Moonboots.  Like I mentioned in the previous post, I was really drawn toward the darker colors in the collection. These two were a part of the initial haul (I later went back to Sally's to get three more).  When Stars Collide is a fairly dark purple, with a pretty red base.  I usually don't do red (I've got a lot of redness around the nails), but I just had to have it.

Strap On Your Moonboots is a deep blue, almost denim like.  Both of these are holographic, but it is hard to tell indoors and in the shade.

The formula was the same it seemed for all three that I've tried.  Really brings the worst out in your ridges.  I did try Orly Bonder under Strap on Your Moonboots and Matte Me Crazy by NYC under When Stars Collide.  I really didn't find a difference in either as basecoats.  They didn't seem to dull the holo effect and compared to Galactic Gray, were much easier to apply.  I ended up using three coats for both colors.

I did later topcoat and it was stunning!  I unfortunately don't have any photos of it (I was experimenting with tape) but it really makes it super shiny and does not seem to dull the holo.  I will topcoat the next swatches so that you can see.

I do love the smoothness of the holo effect. I think you get a little trade off when you compare how smooth these look to the Color Club Halo Hues, but the intensity is not so strong.  Still pretty, and I think they're probably far more wearable in more situations because of it.

I decided not to swatch any more holos until I can get some direct sun light.  Maybe this weekend.  I can hope.

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