Monday, April 8, 2013

Zoya Feifei, featuring Hard Candy!

All products mentioned in this post were purchased by me with my own money.

Starting off the blog, I've got Zoya Feifei, a beautiful shimmery blue color. You might even say this is like a very very micro glitter, but it is incredibly smooth for that. This was an untried for me for awhile, but I finally got it together to try it out.  For accent, I'm wearing Hard Candys "Tinsel Town", a lovely mutivaried glitter in a clear base.  It contains some very small blue glitters, as well as some purple and holographic bar glitters.  These colors go so well together, but the smaller blue glitters get completely lost on top of the Zoya.  It's a fairly subtle combination, all things considered.

I love Zoyas.  I haven't tried many, but I always seem to have great luck with them.  The formula was pleasant to work with. Not too thick, not too thin.  Though it got a little goopy while working, I attributed this to painting outside and it being a little windy.  Nothing a little shaking couldn't fix!

I picked up my first two Hard Candy polishes today so I haven't had much experience with them.  This one was fun to try, I was drawn to it despite my intentions of only getting a couple from the crush line. None of the glitter seems to curl (I've heard this was a problem with at least some of HC polishes).  The size is disappointing though.  At .26 oz, they're nearly half the size of a Zoya or Essie but they're priced virtually identically.  They must have known we couldn't resist the beauty and would still pay for it.  You know me too well, polish lines!

The swatches are three thin(!) coats of Zoya and one coat of the glitter accent.

All photos were taken outside on a slighty overcast day.

Both products are USA made.

Thanks for reading!

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