Tuesday, April 9, 2013

China Glaze Galactic Gray

Hi all,

I'm back with another polish!  I hauled several (i.e., 6) of the new Holographic polishes from China Glaze.  I will slowly be working my way through all of them but I only have one today.  I have to admit, these are my very first linear holos.  I was actually anticipating the release of these for MONTHS so I was underwhelmed when I heard (and saw) that the holo-y goodness might not be all that holo-y.  I still wanted to try them and I was really compelled to the darker colors of the collection.  Galactic Gray is really an unusual color.  It is a deep rich gray, I'd even call it a chocolate of sorts.  It is quite pretty and I'm glad I got it.

Luckily, yesterday was fairly sunny so I was able to get shots in the shade and in direct sunlight.  There is not much holo action indoors or in the shade.

In the sun, you can really see the holo come out.  I still would not call these very strong, but it is really pretty.

For some reason, I cannot recall if I did two or three coats here.  I think three is probably going to be pretty good for all of these. I had to take this at a weird angle, because otherwise, the holo would have been invisible. I didn't use a base or a top coat on this, and I do have to say, it really highlights any ridges you may have.  Photos seem fairly forgiving, but really looking at your nails up close, the ridges are quite visible.  This stuff also dries quick.  It's hard to work over the nail in time because it dries so quickly.  I didn't notice this one being frosty.  Just gorgeous.  I don't know how long Sally's will have this sale, but polishes are buy 2, get 1 free.  It might be worth popping in, and I like the black caps way more than the silver ones.  

Stay tuned for two more from this collection.  

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